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Submission Guidelines

Posted on June 10th, 2008

HoyleHistory.com actively solicits your comments, contributions and story submissions.  The Webmaster/Administrator (John Alan Hoyle) has used a widely accepted CMS (content management system) called WordPress to create and manage this site.  This website will be made up of static web pages as well as a blogging platform to allow for fast updates and reader (that’s you) participation.

At the moment, the webmaster/Administrator is also acting as the primary reporter and editor.  As the site grows, the site will look for other editors and authors to contribute articles and blog entries. 

You are invited to submit your family stories and any genealogical information or charts that you might have.  Most of the information available to the Administrator deals with the German families that lived in the Carolinas, Tennessee and Georgia.

As soon as possible, the webmaster/Administrator will be adding a Guest Book page for visitors to leave comments and also to request help.  A forum page is also in the works to add an additional tool for reader participation. 

Basic Submission Guidelines

  1. All submissions will be reviewed and subject to editing by the Administrator or assigned assistant editors.  Content and subject matter, as such, is open and free speech is encouraged. However, to prevent this website from following the unfortunate experiences of other similar sites, the Editor reserves the right to edit or delete any and all complete or partial article submissions, comments, and Guest Book or forum entries.  The reasons for deletion or edits will include the following:
  2. There will be no toleration for comments that are clearly racist, sexist, or offensive to any group or minority. Some submissions may be allowed that quote from historical sources that might contain some passages that could be considered offensive in current social environment, but only as long as those remarks or quotations are in context and source material is properly referenced.
  3. Use of offensive or obscene language is strictly prohibited.  If you are quoting directly from another source, certain words and phrases may be considered appropriate and acceptable if in context and part of an original document.  The Editor will decide if any quotation or remark will remain, or be edited, modified, or deleted as deemed necessary.
  4. The editor strongly discourages the use of “shortcuts” or “emoticons” in place of standard English phrases.  That style of communication is fine for MySpace.com or FaceBook.com and even in email messages between friends.  However, the Administrator’s position on this issue is that our articles are meant to be read by everyone, from senior citizens to small children.  Please write like you are preparing an essay or creating a novel that everyone can read and enjoy – not just popping off a short email message to your BFF before you end up AAK.
  5. We are serious about protecting everyone’s identities.  Identity theft is a growing problem throughout the world and especially in the United States.  Please be very careful about what information you disclose or share about yourself.  Do not include your address or home phone numbers.  If you live in a large city, then you may disclose that fact if you wish.  If you live in a smaller town, then we suggest that you limit the description of your location to just your state or region (i.e., Southern California, Oklahoma Panhandle, Deep South, etc.). The Administrator or an editor may feel that it is necessary to delete some personal information that you have included in your submissions.  Please do not be offended by this; we are taking that approach to protect you.
  6. Another major item on our “Watch List” is our treatment of information about minors and children.  We are as proud of our children and grandchildren as you are – and will brag about them and show off their photos every chance we get.  However, with very rare exceptions, we would prefer that you do not use the names of anyone under 18 years of age (we’d actually prefer 21) or disclose where they live.  If you must show off your progeny, then do it by using group photos and if you must, please only use first names.  For example: “Photo taken at family reunion in South Dakota in 2008. Grandpa Phineas Hoyle with his daughter Mary and her son and daughter, Joe and Martha.”  Note that Mary’s last name is not disclosed, nor the last names of the children.  Their residence is also not disclosed, only the location where the photo was taken.  Please remember that the intent of this guideline is for the protection of our children and grandchildren.
  7. Exceptions to the above guideline:  We obviously want to honor our distant relatives that do us proud, and this website would also love to share your joy and glory with the rest of the world.  If your high school or college student achieves greatness in academics, sports or other admirable endeavor, feel free to share that news with us.  If the minor is over 16 and the accomplishment has been published in your local newspaper, TV station, or other widely distributed publication, then by all means send the article to us or point us to the source.  We may still edit some of the names and blur some of the photos, but we’ll otherwise be happy to acknowledge the achievement and cheer along with you.
  8. Don’t spam this site in your comments, emails or Guest Book and forum entries.  It’s OK to own a business and to mention it, but don’t try to sell your product, your service or your latest MLM scheme to the readers of this site.  If you want to donate funds to support this site and would like to place a small advertisement, please contact the Administrator for more information and guidelines.  We are not rejecting all advertising, but the last thing we want is for this site to become another commercial disaster like MySpace.com and many other popular websites have become.
  9. Please do not quarrel with the Administrator, an editor, or with other website visitors.  You may find something that you believe to be an error in an article or submission and want to comment on it.  That is fine, as long as your objection is submitted in writing to the Editor.  Mistakes and errors are part of life (and even the Administrator admits to a few), so point them out if you see any, but do not get upset or angry over some item you might perceive to be wrong.
  10. Long submissions may be mailed or uploaded to the Administrator.  The editor may decide to publish all, part or none of your submission.  In some cases, the editor may write a synopsis and a critique and then provide a download link for anyone who might want to read the entire document.  In other cases, the editor may provide excerpts and then provide an email link to allow readers to contact you directly for a copy.  This would be more appropriate if you have written a memoir, family history book, or other publication.
  11. You may submit link recommendations to other websites that are on subject.  For example, if you have a family website that includes genealogical information, photos of ancestors, and other historical information, we would be happy to add a link to it.  We might even go over and read it and then provide a review or point out some highlights.  Very soon we will be providing a separate website to link to Hoyle Family businesses and commercial websites, but we do not want to overly commercialize this site.
  12. Last, but certainly the most important – please try to use common sense.  Ask yourself if you would mind if your children or grandchildren read what you are submitting.  How about your grandmother?  That is really who our audience will be in most cases.  This is about educating visitors, not offending them.

We will be adding a lot of features to this site as time goes on.  Please register for our RSS link or subscribe for email updates so that you will be automatically notified when changes are made.  Our hope is that this site remains fresh and updated while being educational and informative.


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