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"There is a history in all men's lives." – Shakespeare

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Share Your Stories

Posted on June 12th, 2008

We encourage you to share your family stories with the readers of this website.  If you have researched your family’s genealogy, please share it with us or add to the links that we will be providing.  If you have famous ancestors, even from another branch or root of your family, please share that with us as well. 

We are not purists.  This site is not about verifying every piece of information and documenting the exact bloodlines of every Hoyle in the world – no not even in America or the British Isles.  We’d rather read your stories and get a sense of the times and places that our ancestors lived.  Tell us about the famous and not so famous members of your family and what, if anything, they may have accomplished that changed the world in some way.

Please read the Submission Guidelines and our Privacy Policy.  If you feel that you have something to contribute that would add to our knowledge base, please go to our Guest Book or submit a submission outline form and let us know what you have to share with the group.  If you prefer, EMAIL the Administrator directly and let us know what you have that you would like included on this site.

Don’t be shy.  Share!

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