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Jon’s “Hoyle Web Sites”

Posted on June 15th, 2008

For several years I have been checking in from time to time at Jon Hoyle’s website at www.jonhoyle.com/Hoyles/. I’ve enjoyed looking at Jon’s collection of personal websites and other links that he has collected that connected to other people who carry the Hoyle surname.

Late in 2007 I dropped by Jon’s site and realized he had not updated it for quite some time and that there were several broken links showing up. Yet when I typed in the name “Hoyle” his site still consistently came up in Google’s top ten search. I wanted to try and contact Jon then to see if was going to continue to maintain his site or if he could use my help, but unfortunately I had other things going on in my life that were more pressing at that time.

Jon HoyleJon Hoyle is a busy software engineer living in Rochester, NY, USA. According to his website, he is a graduate of the University of Delaware and the University of Michigan and holds a Graduate Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. His resume, which is posted on his website, very clearly outlines his accomplishments and honors. Jon is still a young man and has achieved much. His website, especially his directory of web pages for other members of the Hoyle families, shows his dedication to succeeding at what he loves to do.

Finally, this past March (2008) I decided to take another look and see if Jon had done any updating since my last visit, but the status was unchanged. I found his email address on his home page and sent him a rather long email message explaining that I had been looking at his site for a long time. I told him how much I appreciated the effort and time he had put into it. At the same time I expressed my disappointment that the site had not been updated in almost three years. I told him of my desire to create a rather far reaching genealogical site for the Hoyle family and suggested that maybe we could work together and merge our efforts – or I could take on the bulk of the responsibility for updating his existing web directory.

I was very concerned that Jon might be offended in some way and misunderstand my motivations. I tried to word the message in a way that clearly noted his contributions and the fact that I did not want to steal his idea or diminish his accomplishment in any way. I suggested that he email or call me and share his thoughts and assured him that I would not do anything until I knew his position.

A couple of hours later, while sitting at my desk paying some bills – my cell phone rang. It was Jon. He was most cordial and our conversation was the high point of my evening. He admitted that he had not had time to stay on top of things and had let the site get stale. He liked some of my suggestions as to how we could work together and seemed to take to my idea of a new website with a broader scope than his.

I followed up with another email that outlined more of my thoughts and plans for the new website. On March 21, Jon emailed me back and expressed his support for the new site. He mentioned that since our conversation he had updated his site and actually included several new web pages, while deleting the broken links. He offered to publicize my new site on his website once it was up and running.

So here we are, three months later, and the new site (actually two new sites!) are going online. I hope that Jon feels that his support was well founded and that I do him and the rest of the family proud with this new domain.

At the time of our conversation, I extended an offer to Jon. I suggested that he assist me and participate at any level that he could – either as a Co-Editor or critic. Jon is still a young man with a growing family. He works long hours in his job as a senior software engineer at Eastman Kodak. Based on his resume (which in posted on his website) he has a broad background in computer science and apparently has done well for himself.

I look forward to Jon’s involvement and continued support. In the meantime, be sure to go over and check out Jon’s website and see for yourself the extensive information and links that he has provided. It is a great piece of work. I will be using a lot of the same information that Jon has compiled to get this site up and running. With his help, and yours, Dear Reader, I hope to make this one of the best Family/Surname sites on the Internet.

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