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Editor’s Page

Posted on June 14th, 2008

I sometimes wonder if I didn’t bite off a lot more than I could chew when I finally decided to launch this family history project. Just as my mother would often say to me, “Johnny, your eyes are bigger than your stomach!” any time I’d load up my plate at a family picnic, I sometimes feel that I may have “loaded a lot more on this plate” than I can ever “properly digest or pass on” (further abusing that metaphor).

You will surely realize as you read various articles on this site, that I have a very sincere love of history and the science of genealogy. My interest in my own family’s history goes back to when I was still a very young child, thanks to a gift from my grandmother.  That involvement has continued down to this time in my life where I have evolved from being a post-World War 2 “Baby Boomer” to an age that makes me a part of the “Medicare Generation.”

Pride in my own family’s history is the main reason that I decided to attempt the task of creating a rather extensive website based on our history and genealogy.  There is a great deal of information online and in various libraries about Hoyle families – and yet because it has really never been organized, it is difficult to really find anything except by chance.  This site intends to identify and tell the stories of our ancestors who left their mark on world history as soldiers, pioneers, educators, theologians and politicians. 

There should be an encyclopedia of families that a young person can go to and find out all the important facts about their ancestors.  But for most of us there really isn’t – especially if your last name is “Hoyle.” 

We have dozens of notable family members from the past that are worthy of mention.  But did you know that there are dozens of accomplished actors, writers, educators, doctors, ministers and politicians named “Hoyle” living right now?  I can assure you that they do exist and this website is designed to give credit where it’s due, not only to Hoyles from our past, but also from our present.

Because this site is still under development, you may see some pages or links that seem to go nowhere or to a blank page.  Don’t despair – just check back in a few days.  Or, better yet, subscribe to our Hoyle History Newsletter and we’ll keep you informed as changes are made and pages are updated.  It’s free and you’re welcome to share it with your families and friends.  You can also click on the RSS link at the top of the page and subscribe to automatic updates delivered to your MyYahoo! or Google personal pages. 

Part of the growth and acceptance of this website will be due to contributions from our readers and other family members who have “done their homework” and would like to share their own family trees and stories. So don’t be shy. If you have a great story to tell, or a family tree that you have labored over for years, let us know and we’ll tell you how you can have it included on this site.

You can find out more about my background here.

You can find out more about how this website will work by going here.



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