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"There is a history in all men's lives." – Shakespeare

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Posted on June 8th, 2008

HOYLE is a surname with a long and proud history. This Hoyle History website has been established to document and celebrate that legacy and the people who have carried that name.  We warmly welcome you to this site and hope that you have ventured here with an expectation that you might learn new things about the old and historic surname Hoyle and some of the wonderful families that have added to its legacy. We also hope that you and many of other readers will want to contribute to this website by submitting genealogies or stories about their Hoyle families and the places they have lived.

Although genealogy will play a major part in the development of this site, we see genealogy as a resource and not our major focus.  Unlike the Biblical book of Genesis, we don’t want this site to be made up with just one “begat” after another, but rather much more than just pretty lists of dead ancestors.

Our goal is to develop this site so that it becomes an educational resource that is full of interesting articles and family stories.  Many of the tales will be anecdotal and some will also be apocryphal and undocumented.  Most family stories are like that. They are passed down without question from one generation to the next – but still wonderful and exciting in their own right.  On the other hand, there are many well documented stories that tell of the successes, bravery, and heartbreak of some of our ancestors as they made their unique contribution to our culture and history.

Above all, we want to provide you with a clear and readable writing style.  We intend to include as many photos, graphics and reproductions of historic documents as we can.  We want our readers to contribute whatever they think they can share about their own families. 

We invite your comments on our postings and articles.  Feel free to email the administrator or editors if you have have a question or an issue with anything we’ve published here.

As you look through the rest of this site, you will discover the style and intent of the site. We’ve provided basic submission guidelines and instructions for submitting your own family histories to the site. We will also be providing other enhancements and features as this site grows in size and popularity.

We look forward to your visits and to hearing from you often.


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